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Cardiopad: A Cameroonian Medical Tablet

Arthur Zang

Arthur Zang, copyright @ Agence EcoFin

Arthur Zang is a 24 year old Cameroonian who just came up withthe country’s first medical tablet, the CardioPad, which is aimed at helping diagnose heart patients. Zang explains that the tablet will help “enable remote medical exams and the transfer of those results without the patients travelling to the city where the heart doctors usually practice”. The device operates by recording the patient’s heartbeat, which is a common app feature on most of today’s smartphones, and based on an integrated heart diseases databases, transmits the recorded data to the cardiologist who can then diagnose and prescribe the appropriate medications. Zang wrote a thesis about capturing heart rate and transmitting it as a student and after studying electronics at in a Indian university, he created the tablet from Chinese parts.  The tablet he says will be useful in a country where there is  a cardiologist for every 20 million resident. He is currently looking for investment and backers, as the the table cost 1 million CFA ( $2000 US) to make but is cheaper compared to traditional electrocardiographs which costs about $5000 US .