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Marketing at the Super Bowl 50 – go hard or go home

The sporting event offers advertisers a huge platform, but without serious commitment, marketers are better spending their budget elsewhere

As the Super Bowl 50 approaches, marketers should be wary of pouring their time and energy into half-hearted real-time marketing attempts to hijack the day, because just like on the pitch itself, it’s a case of go hard or go home.

The 2015 Super Bowl had an average domestic audience of 114.4 million people (expanding to 160 million globally), making it the most-watched broadcast in the history of US television, with 118.5 million tuning in for the Pepsi-sponsored half-time show starring Katy Perry. The event certainly gets people talking, with more than 28.4m tweets sent and more than 65 million people posting, commenting or at least liking something about the 2015 game on Facebook. Viewership numbers are impressive, but to give it some context, the Fifa World Cup final in 2014 attracted over a billion viewers and, in this world of multi-channel television, only a 47.5% share of US TV ratings.

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