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5 Up-and-Coming Social Media Platforms You Need to Join Right Now

By now, you’re probably sick of social media. In fact, you’re sick of people telling you what social media platforms you need to join. You’re already on fifteen! What more sources of clutter, confusion, and distraction do you need? Well, I’m going to mention a few more. Give it a moment. [...]

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Data 'crucial' to eradicating poverty

The UN’s sustainable development goals can’t be achieved unless more funding goes to data and statistics, says new report

World leaders gathered in New York for the UN General Assembly on Friday to ratify a set of development targets that, if successful, will see the eradication of poverty by 2030. But experts warn that without drastically better data on the world’s poorest people this ambitious project, known as the sustainable development goals (SDGs), will fail to achieve its aim of “leaving no one behind”.

Since the launch of the millennium development goals 15 years ago, the precursors to the SDGs, there has been increasing awareness among the international community about the importance of data-informed policy-making to help the world’s most vulnerable people. It has also become apparent how inadequate existing data is, meaning millions of people are lost within the data divide.

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Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Working

“It’s not working!” How many times have you heard that, said that, or thought that? In the social media world, it’s a common complaint from social media managers, marketing directors, and the C-suite. Social media is a digital marketing strategy that’s still in its awkward adolescence. Even though social media is a

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Why User Experience Trumps CRO And SEO

In the digital marketing world, we throw around the acronyms “SEO” and “CRO.” We hire SEOs and CROs. We invest in SEO and CRO. We debate it. We preach it. We follow it. You see, we love our optimization. But for all this optimization, we’re missing something absolutely critical. It’s so critical

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SEO: The State Of Linkbuilding In 2015

Is linkbuilding dead? Nope. Apparently not. Not only does daily practice affirm its existence, but the industry moguls do, too. As revealed in the recent Search Marketing Expo Advanced conference, “link building is not dead.” The top three website ranking factors — page authority, links, and anchor texts — are all dependent upon

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The Single Marketing Practice That Will Make You Win in Google's Search Results

There’s an easy way to throw a room full of marketers into a frenzy. Ask a simple question — ”What’s the one thing you should be doing to improve your search rankings? Go!” The shouting will begin. “Linkbuilding!” “Guest blogging!” “Content marketing!” “SEO!” “Schema!” “Evergreen content!” Someone will throw an elbow or

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12 Untapped Sources of Website Traffic

I get it. Sometimes, you don’t know where you’re going to get more web traffic. You’re doing social media. You’re doing SEO. You’re running AdWords. What’s left to try? I’ve been in the same position. I reached a point where I thought my traffic had hit a permanent plateau. In my situation,

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What To Do When You're Completely Out of Blog Ideas

Every blogger has faced this situation. You’re staring into your computer screen waiting, wondering — what do I write about today? Content marketing is a massive marketing force. Every day in the life of the internet, two million blog posts are published. According to research from the Content Marketing Institute, marketers have no

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How Content Marketing Can Rock Your Brick-And-Mortar Business

You’ve thought it before, haven’t you? Can online content marketing really help my brick-and-mortar business? You’re skeptical, and rightly so. Sure, you’ve heard the hype about content marketing, read articles on its explosive benefits, and considered its massive potential impact. But your situation is different. Why? Because you’re not angling for

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5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Sell Your Business

Someday, you might sell your business. You may have planned for this all along, using a business sale as your exit strategy or wealth building plan. In other cases, the prospect of selling your business can be a surprising or even emotional issue. If you’re in business, you’ve done plenty of selling.

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9 Signs Of A Conversion-Ready Customer

They’re out there. You know they are. Your customers — the lurkers, the dwellers, the people who are ready to convert on your website. But how can you find them? What are the tells of that customer who’s ready to convert — to part with her money and purchase your product? In the digital

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Marketing risks becoming mechanistic without imaginative ideas to animate it

The new digital marketing machine is increasingly concerned with data but we need to remember that great brands are built on ideas

Over recent years the marketing and communications community has raced to build a new marketing model for the digital age; a model that is more connected, more agile and less wasteful; a model that transforms the way we market brands to consumers. The industry has made real progress and the opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness seem limitless. But the model should not become an end in itself. Once we’ve built the perfect marketing machine, we’ll still need ideas to animate it; and ideas will remain largely intangible, irrational and irregular. We still need to plan for the ghost in the machine.

Fundamentally the age of technology affords us an opportunity to harness the vehicles of persuasion (advertising) more directly to the mechanics of consumption (purchase) and of relationship management (CRM). Modern brands will be built around data rich, adaptive digital platforms that take consumers on a seamless journey from seeing relevant content, to selling an experience, to securing a relationship.


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What's the key to a marketing hit: an original sound or the same old tune?

The Beatles struck a chord with the right combination of originality, creativity and innovation – a lesson that marketing creatives should bear in mind

The Beatles weren’t that good when they first formed.

Don’t take my word for it, Paul McCartney said in a recent radio interview: “We obviously weren’t that good. We were formulating it all.”


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What the Facebook video debate really means for marketers

With video set to dominate users’ newsfeeds, marketers need to consider how to make their content work on the platform

Whether for hitting 4bn daily views, or with accusations that they “lied and cheated” their way to that number, Facebook’s video offering has certainly been grabbing headlines lately. All the updates, debates and comparisons can, however, be a little overwhelming. What does it really mean for marketers and how can we maximise this opportunity?

Facebook’s biggest change has been autoplay, the process by which videos automatically begin silently playing in your newsfeed. Much like the moving images in Harry Potter’s newspaper, this motion does bring the newsfeed to life, but it also slightly removes the user choice on whether they want it to play at all.


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From Medium to Slack: five tools for better marketing

Paul Armstrong examines the platforms and products you might’ve overlooked in the hunt for the next big thing

It’s around this time of year that people start looking at the next 12 months (and beyond) and asking what’s the next big thing? It’s a fine question and one we enjoy speculating about but it ignores what’s staring us in the face: there’s already a lot out there. But are we using it well enough? What platforms should we know but don’t? With that in mind, here are my top five marketing tools.


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Insect ice-cream? Experiential marketing just got tasty

With a recent event netting the Economist 10,000 subscriptions, marketers should embrace experiential marketing to amplify their presence

Experiential marketing builds on traditional promotional campaigns in an age of immersive theatre and pop-up retail. Defined by Creative Guerilla marketing, it is, “a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand... [immersing] the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible.”

Promotional advertising has served the media industry well but now we can integrate it with our digital and real-world marketing, content, social media and PR.


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How different are your online and offline personalities?

Although our digital identity is fragmented, research suggests that our various online personas lead back to the same personality

Our habits define us. But how true is this for our digital habits? Are we the same online as offline? In the early days of the internet, it was probably safe to assume that our online behaviours did not reveal much about our real-world personas. This notion was popularised by the “on the internet, nobody knows you’re dog” caption of a famous New Yorker cartoon.

As the internet gained prominence in our lives, we gave up anonymity and also the desire to mask our real identity online. Indeed, online activities are no longer separable from our real lives, but an integral part of it. According to Ofcom, UK adults are now spending over 20 hours a week online: twice as much as 10 years ago. Similar metrics have been reported for the US, with the biggest chunk of online time (around 30%) devoted to social networking.


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Five must dos for successful influencer marketing campaigns

From creating a relatable hashtag to rewarding audiences, here’s how to make influencer marketing work for your brand

Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a mainstay of the modern day marketer’s playbook. For those unfamiliar with the term, influencer marketing is the practice in which brands collaborate with social influencers across social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to promote their products through branded content. A $240m (£156m) industry as measured by Technorati, and with 92% of people trusting recommendations from people they know, it’s no wonder that it is one of the fastest growing marketing medium in the past five years.

The ability for brands to leverage the engagement that millennials (those born between 1982 and the early 2000s) have with their audiences on social platforms offers great potential for brand advocacy and engagement.


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Closing the digital skills gap in media and marketing – live webchat

Join us from 12-1:30pm BST on Thursday 1 October to discuss digital skills and what’s next for media and marketing

  • Join this panel

Alex Wood’s feature on the UK digital skills gap is well worth a read. In it he references an eye-opening statistic: that when hiring, two-thirds of businesses believe tech knowledge is key – and yet a quarter of these firms report digital skills shortages.

From smartphones to virtual reality, technology is advancing at a rapid rate.
It’s impacting everything we do, from the way we communicate to the way we work – and no more is that impact felt than in media and marketing.


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Mobile marketing tips from the experts

From responsive design to HTML5, here’s how advertisers can realise the huge potential of smartphones

  • Closing the digital marketing skills gap – webchat

Measure mobile more accurately
Three in five UK adults access the internet through their mobiles, meaning brands must measure their mobile performance more effectively. The problem is that results are difficult to measure as consumer journeys across multiple devices become harder to follow. Marketers need to leverage technology to accurately profile the user-journey from one device to the next so they can better tailor their messages to match the different points of this journey.


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